I Hate Setups!


You know, when a friend decides they know someone who’d be absolutely perfect for you, so they set you up on a date that’s intended to change your destiny.

Or even worse, they bring them along to a group event without even telling you it’s a setup!

(Their cornering you every five minutes to say, “So what do you think of Joe?” is generally the tip-off, especially when they keep adding, “I think he likes you.”)

This kind of contrivance is well-meaning and pigheadedly hateful at the same time.

Firstly, what if you’re not even looking for a boyfriend? Wouldn’t that get in the way of these potential match-ups?

And even if you were, the friend’s presumption that you couldn’t possibly find someone for yourself, but THEY happen to have the right person is very galling, even if it’s tragically true.

But here’s the biggest problem with this gambit:

You invariably end up looking at the person they’ve decided is your Mr. Right and fuming, “They thought this guy was perfect for ME? They must hate me!!!”