Ice-T Makes Headlines for Bust by “Punk Bitch” Cop, Calls the Media Petty


You’ve probably seen by now that Ice-T was stopped by the cops and arrested yesterday in New York for allegedly driving without a seatbelt, up-to-date insurance, or a valid license. And then, of course, he Tweeted about it, because Tweeting, like starring in Law and Order: SVU and being married to a woman named Coco with tremendous, er, assets, is something Ice-T does. (See: Hot bowl of dicks.)

The whole thing went down to some extent as expected, knowing the parties even as slightly as we do. The Post recaps: After the mirror of Ice-T’s Caddy brushed against a cop at a checkpoint at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, the cop motioned for Ice-T to stop; he kept going; the cop chased him down; words were had; an arrest was made.

That’s when stuff got interesting. A study of Ice-T’s Twitter, reveals, at first, anger:

And a sense of injustice:

Then, he grows inward-looking, and asks something that we bloggers all muse on from time to time:

When some dissenter tells him the spill is “already plugged,” he strikes back simply but succinctly with all of his talents. (Ah, to be Ice-T!)

And in the end, he has the last word:

We’re impressed. Ice-T, in answer to your question, we are just petty (and multifaceted, and complicated) enough that you are news, and so is the Gulf, and so is the war. But unlike johnveg92, we do not believe that oil spill news is over. Not by a long shot, unfortunately.

We also consider dogs to be news on the occasion. In that spirit: You can send your thoughts and well wishes to Ice-T’s bulldog, Spartacus, who he had dropped off for knee surgery before the arrest, here.