Jersey Shore Cast Played Hardball, Will be Back for Season 3


We were getting nervous for a minute there. The cast of the Jersey Shore was, up till today, on strike (everyone except Snooki and The Situation, that is). The status of Season 3 was unclear. Things were scary. Good news! Our favorite guidos, who had been holding out for more than their allotted $10K per episode, got the money and will be returning for Season 3.

Well, everyone except Angelina, but she’s kind of a drag anyway. Everybody else will be back in Seaside Heights having a rollicking good time and getting an undisclosed amount of cash for their GTL.

As we reported the other day (via fancy-schmancy chart), the Jersey Shore kids actually make a considerably smaller amount per episode than many other reality TV stars. So we can’t blame them, really, for being greedy sellouts, especially seeing as how the vacant-eyed Lauren Conrad made $125,000 every time MTV subjected innocent viewers to 30 minutes of The Hills.

A twist: CNN’s Marquee Blog reports that the other cast members might be jealous of Snooki and Sitch for being more successful fameballs. Quoth Snooki: “I can understand why the others might be jealous. They aren’t doing anything, but they should still be happy for me.” Ouch! Drama? Hopefully.