M.I.A.’s ///Y/ Is the Ninth Most Popular Record In America Right Now


It’s hard to imagine that this is anything but a disappointment for M.I.A.’s team, who got the promotional wheels rolling in full force all the way back in May, only to be derailed in June by Lynn Hirschberg and an army of increasingly angry critics. ///Y/ sold 28,000 thousand copies its first week out, good for #9 on the Billboard chart. That she has a top ten record is the good news. The bad news is that Kala, the album that preceded this one, sold a thousand copies more in its first week (though it only reached #18), and later went gold on the strength of “Paper Planes” and the Pineapple Express trailer that brought the song to the world’s attention. Whether M.I.A.’s latest effort has a similar silver bullet is doubtful–and we say this as part of the minority who more or less loved ///Y/. Any Juno-type indies want to step up and make “It Takes a Muscle” famous? [Billboard]