Some of Facebook’s 500,000,000 Users Tell Their “Story”


The most popular social networking site on the Web has officially reached over 500 million users, according to TechCrunch, and in celebration, Facebook has launched an interactive write-in campaign called Facebook Stories in order to document all the ways their service has succeeded in connecting people with strangers they barely know. Some highlights of Facebook brainwashing after the jump. [sic, all]

Maybe I should put my life in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and just accept those repeated friend requests from a “Song Lee” in Bangkok. You never know!

“I met my fiancee in Indonesia on Facebook… guest what? We never seen each other for real because I’m in Canada… and we’re gonna get married!!! :o) Thank’s Mark!!!”
–Eric Duguay, New Brunswick (that’s in Canada).

Kristy couldn’t articulate just how much she loves Facebook. Or maybe she could.

–Kristy Whitfield.

Over in the Lone Star State, Facebook has provided Earl with important research capabilties.

“Facebook helps me do reshearch to find GAME CHANGERS so i can push it to the limit!!!!”
–Earl N. Moorer II from Mansfield, Texas.

Facebook connected Alex with elusive Sports Center enthusiasts! Solidarity is legit.

“it helped me find out that im not the only person who always watchin espn,” –Alex Wilcox Is-Legit

Facebook will never leave your side. Even on the street and in school!

“Grâce à Facebook, mes amis sont toujours avec moi. A la maison, sur mon ordinateur. Dans la rue ou au lycée sur mon iPhone. Les contacts sont plus simples :)” [Translation: Thanks to Facebook, my friends are always with me. At home, on my computer. On the street or in school, on my iPhone. Contact is very simple (smiley face)]
–William La Douce, Quimpe

Facebook can jump-start your career (in stalker-dom)!

“Facebook gave me a hobby, then a job, then a career.”
–Chris Vincent, San Francisco, California,

Comments are a surefire measurement of success, and if you get a lot on Facebook, that’s the universe telling you to start a multi-million dollar enterprise.

2 of my best gfs from high school and I planned our first international vacation to Costa Rica. One took pictures, one made a video, and the other blogged about it. We got so many comments on what we posted on facebook that we thought this could be a potential idea for a business.
–Khara Mandreza, San Francisco, California

However, Facebook is not a contraceptive.

Lost my job. Found old friends on Facebook. Got a job after moving from Cleveland to West Palm Beach because of Facebook. Life is good now. Expecting our 2nd baby. Thanks Facebook.
–Tom Guard, West Palm Beach, Florida

I can’t say that Facebook has really changed my life for the better, other than the entertainment of following post-high school trainwrecks. So, for that, Facebook, I thank you. What’s your Facebook Story?

[via Daily Intel]