Surveying the Ladies of John Mayer’s Jones Beach Concert Tonight, Via Twitter


There’s a lot of anticipation in the New York air right now: John Mayer, unrepentant heartthrob, is coming to town. Marc Hogan‘s favorite crooner plays Jones Beach tonight; earlier today, he invited all of his Twitter fans to turn their geo-tagging on, so as to better find them mid-tailgate and hang out. His manager just Ustreamed his soundcheck; as we type this, he’s fielding questions live, wearing a Yankee hat in honor of George Steinbrenner. Needless to say, he’s also trending on Twitter, and the ladies are going wild. In advance of the show, which starts in a few hours, we figured we’d check in with Mayer’s core demographic and get a sense of just how heated things are gonna get tonight. We were going to write jokes for these, but uh…

OK then! Being John Mayer is really weird, huh. We’re gonna go home now.