This Week in the Voice: The Tilda Swinton Moment


How time flies, right? Eighteen years ago, Sally Potter had her breakout as the writer-director of Orlando, which also starred then-breakout Tilda Swinton. Now, for this week’s Village Voice cover story, Melissa Anderson talks with Potter and Swinton about Orlando about their continuing careers as the film is re-released in theaters later this week.

Elsewhere in the Voice, time might be flying, but we’re living in the now, and it’s hot as hell.

For example, this week in News:

  • Voice columnist Tom Robbins reports on a battle heating up between a Brooklyn-born developer named Sharif El-Gamal, his dream of having a mosque downtown, and the people who want to stop him, because they’re zealots, is why. Robbins reports: The Downtown Mosque Plan Riles the Loons.
  • Where else is New York heating up? In the thin undergarment of some local go-go dancer our own Michael Musto has declared The Hottest Guy in New York (Who Is Semi-Available). Granted, I haven’t read this yet, but that probably means you can pay to have sex with him. No? Is that not how these things work?

This week in Music, the sun has yet to set on:

Meanwhile, it’s still hot as ever in Food:

Voice food critic and certified deep outer-borough navigator Robert Sietsema this week dives down to Chinatown, where the back of a restaurant called A-Wah yields some unexpected surprises for him, some Japanese-ish cuisine among them, but most importantly, a Chinese rice casserole called a “bo zai fan,” which, no joke, you’re going to crave shortly after reading about it.

In Film, we are more than beating the sun in theaters around the city:

Finally, in Arts, we’re not letting the heat slow us down:

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

Here at The Village Voice, we’re surviving the test of time, whatever season it is. But right now, it’s summer and it feels like we’re fucking melting. So you should just grab our paper, read it, and then find some of the things in it and go do them. And you should do it in a place that’s air-conditioned.

Here at The Village Voice, we’re also not afraid to be servicey. Ever.