Bob Denver’s Wife Speaks Out About the Gilligan’s Island Movie


It was inevitable that the three-hour tour would be turned into a two-hour movie.

And the original Gilligan’s real-life widow,Dreama Denver, is OK with it.

Rumors have Michael Cera possibly getting cast as Gilligan, Seth Rogen playing Skipper, and Beyonce vamping it up as Ginger.

No word on who’ll play the island — Toronto?

Anyway, Mrs. Denver says: “Although in my heart no one can replace Bob as Gilligan, it’ll be interesting to see how the movie turns out.

“One thing is certain; whoever the new Gilligan is, he’ll make a whole lot more money for doing that one movie than Bob or the other castaways ever did in their lifetimes.

“[Neither] Bob nor the rest of the castaways ever received royalties for syndication, video or DVD sales, websites, video games.

“None of that was even imagined when they shot the TV show.”

That’s awful! It’s a dirty shame that Gilligan, the Skipper, and the gang didn’t get crazy rich off the show.

But I hope the Millionaire at least became one from voicing Mr. Magoo.