Brick Lane Sells Super-Hot Curry; 97 Orchard Chronicles Tenement-Era Meals


Roasting a pig in a pit anywhere in New York City is not only a big ordeal, but a fire hazard.
[NY Times]

A Thai grocer based in the Bay Area is looking to America’s Latinos as a large potential market that uses many of the same ingredients found in Thai food.
[Wall Street Journal]

Brick Lane Curry House has become a main destination for heat-seeking diners for its super-hot curry called phaal, made with 10 different chilies.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new book, 97 Orchard, traces the food customs of five immigrant families who lived at the address between 1863 and 1935.
[USA Today]

Mark Ibold of the band Pavement is an adventurous eater and a good source for anyone interested in discovering Chicago’s best taquerias.
[T Magazine]

Hershey has sponsored a new study that claims that 90 percent of dietitians say people are more likely to stick with a diet if the plan includes “treats.”
[LA Times]

Money is a little tight at Coca-Cola, where weak beverage sales and a pricey deal to buy a bottling plant have weakened share prices.
[Wall Street Journal]