Carl Paladino Dispatches Duck to Stalk Andrew Cuomo


Proving that nothing is too stupid in love and politics, Carl Paladino has dispatched a person in a duck suit — get it, duck? as in, “ducking questions about his position on health care reform”? — to follow Andrew Cuomo around the state as he campaigns for the New York governorship.

And, as in the worst cases of both love and politics, this is kinda creepy and stalkerish, to say nothing of the poor duck-person, who’s likely to have his own health care issue and pass out in so much fur due to this infernal heat (maybe he’s got air conditioning in there?).

Of course, when you roll out the ducks, you’ve got to expect this kind of response: “Carl Paladino sends a duck to a political event? Of course. Paladino is a quack,” says New York Democratic Committee chairman Jay Jacobs. Thank God for puns.

Meanwhile, the ducks are asking why Paladino didn’t put a duck in a MAN suit for this whole shtick.

[via AP, Capitol Tonight]