Decidedly Urban Kitten Rescued From Bronx Sewer


Today’s most heartwarming animal rescue story goes beyond the typical “cat stuck in a tree” plot, and does so with a distinctly urban twist. “Cat stuck in a sewer” captures the essence of Adorable Animals in Trouble, with its borderline cheesy (but very happy) ending and the cat’s smallness and ca-razy aspect. Who wouldn’t be spooked if a man 10 times his size was carrying him out of a stinkin’ dirty sewer?

Per the Daily News, the cat went missing from Edita Pjetrovic’s Bronx home during a barbecue on Sunday, and yesterday, a worker at a pizzeria near the intersection of Morris Park Avenue and White Plains Road told Pietrovic there were meows coming from the grate outside. Signs of life!

With this, Department of Environmental Protection workers armed with video cameras rescued the kitten from the sewer, and journalists armed with cameras captured the adorable rescue for all to gawk at. 1,2,3….Aww!