Interview with a Divorce Attorney: Just How Badly Did The-Dream Treat Christina Milian?


Today, TMZ took a valuable couple minutes off of the Lindsay Lohan beat to procure the divorce papers served by The-Dream to his pregnant, deserted wife, Christina Milian. The major revelation? That the pop star filed for divorce nine days prior to the birth of the couple’s first child. (TMZ headline: “Christina Milian — Divorce Filed While Pregnant.”) This was all back in February, meaning the entire marriage lasted a little over six months. It also means that by the time The-Dream was down in the Caribbean, frolicking with another woman, the couple had long split. But there’s one arresting sentence in the brief court filing:

Given that Milian gave birth within two weeks of the February 17 petition, that seemed odd. Could Terius Nash have been trying to do something truly evil and get out of paying a bigger divorce settlement and/or more child support? Not knowing Georgia law ourselves, we called up Atlanta divorce attorney Eric Shapiro. Was there any tactical advantage to filing for divorce before, instead of after, the birth of their child?

No. “Honestly, it doesn’t make that much of a difference,” Shapiro told us. “If the child’s born after” the papers are filed, “it would obviously be subject to the same child support laws.” So why does complaint specify that the couple were childless at the time of the divorce filing? Because the amount of children born to the marriage is “always, always in there,” as far as the court documents go. And in Georgia, as in the rest of the country, unborn children only start to count after they’re finished being born. (Though Shapiro did suggest “the Court would be entitled to know” there was a child en route. Nash’s filing never mentions his and Milian’s daughter, though filings can always be amended later.)

So though Nash indisputably divorced his wife while she was eight and half months pregnant, let no one say he did so for the money. 
Christina Milian — Divorce Filed While Pregnant