Lady Gaga’s Hypnotic Appeal


Even when Lady Gaga comes out with a song that doesn’t initially seem up to her standard, it ends up ingratiating itself into my system and proving to be a wowser.

I didn’t think much of “Paparazzi” when I first heard it, but ever since the woman performed it on the VMAs, it drilled into my craw and has stayed there, settling into a duplex in my mind through eternity.

The same happened with “Alejandro.”

At first, I thought it was a so-so knockoff and hardly up to “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance,” but unlike most radio hits, it actually benefits from repeat listenings.

Now, every “Olly olly andro” implants itself more diabolically into my consciousness until I’m drunk from the aural Kool-Aid and convinced it’s pure pop heaven.

Let’s not turn this into another Gaga bashing moment.

Stay positive, and tell me which of her hits so far is the one you can’t shake.