Morning Links: Bill Clinton More Popular Than Barack Obama; BP Workers Cited Safety Problems Before Rig Exploded


• According to the latest Gallup poll, Bill Clinton is now more popular than Barack Obama. More than six in 10 adults see Clinton in a favorable light; 52 percent say the same of Obama. George W. Bush comes in at the bottom of the list. [WP]

• North Korea warned the U.S. and South Korea to back off any new sanctions “or risk placing the entire region in danger.” [NPR]

• Workers on BP’s Deepwater Horizon were worried about safety practices and feared reprisals if they reported mistakes or problems, according to a confidential survey taken weeks before the rig exploded. Workers were also concerned about unreliable equipment. [NYT]

• Shirley Sherrod is considering a new “unspecified” job offer from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. She also “would love to talk to” President Obama. [WP]

• A Staten Island fire that started in the attic of a house early this morning has killed five people — a mother and her four children — including a child who initially survived but later succumbed to injuries. [SILive]

• It’s a bad PR week for EMTs: A Fire Department EMT has been arrested for five Brooklyn sex assaults — including an attack on an 11-year-old girl. In January, he was arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. [NYP]

• Bill Murray takes a dip in a dumpster pool on Letterman. (Dumpster pools for all in August!) [NYM]

• “LES” actually stands for “Lotsa Expensive Stores,” apparently. [Bowery Boogie]