Naked Cowboy Vs. Naked Cowgirl: A Draw of Drawers


The Naked Cowboy is sticking ’em up and pointing ’em directly at his female (unaffiliated) counterpart, the Naked Cowgirl, a/k/a Sandy Kane. After already delivering her a cease-and-desist letter, the New York Post reports the scantily clad male busker and his lawyer are now seeking a court order from a judge to put the Naked Cowgirl out of business, claiming she is defaming the integrity of the Naked Cowboy brand. Yes, his “brand.” Which got me asking, what exactly does that mean?

After all, the “integrity” of his brand is a little bit skewed from the start: You’d expect that if one calls himself the Naked Cowboy, you’d be seeing some pistol. To be forthright about his brand, he should really call himself the Whitey-Tighty Times Square Cowboy. Or something.

But as ludicrous (and hysterical) as the situation sounds, it’s actually somewhat of a serious thing. The Naked Cowboy, in fact, owns the rights to the Naked Cowboy trademark, meaning anyone operating under the name “Naked Cowboy” or “Naked Cowgirl” must undergo a screening process by his Naked Cowboy Enterprises and pay him either $500 a month or $5,000 a year, says the UK Metro.

And the NC carefully cultivates that trademark; he is, ultimately, a businessman, with a business specializing in half-nakedness, mediocre vocal ability, protein powder, marrying people, and, most recently, local politics. In an editorial for the Huffington Post about his mayoral platform (where he also plugs some of his other products), he said, “I’ve basically created a global brand with just some tightey-whities and hard work, so imagine what I can do when I’m backed by all the wonderful people and resources of the greatest city on earth.”

Dude kind of makes sense (if he’s running for senior class president). But to win his case, the Naked Cowboy’s lawyer, Joey Jackson, will have to prove that the Naked Cowgirl tried to pass herself off as an affiliate of the Naked Cowboy and that her actions dilute the Naked Cowboy trademark.

“The Naked Cowboy has standards of quality that have to be followed…her routines are contrary to what the routines are all about,” Jackson told the Daily News.

One of the main differences between the Naked Cowboy and the Naked Cowgirl that he takes issue with is that he “shakes your hand, she gives you the finger.”

Jackson said they would try to work with her before taking it to court, and if she stops working the streets as a pissy half-naked cowgirl, they’ll put the case to rest. Meanwhile, everything else going on is probably more important.

[via Daily News]