New in Taxidermy: World’s Strongest Beer Comes in a Dead Squirrel


You may remember Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the 40 percent alcohol beverage that its makers, BrewDog, called the strongest beer in the world. (It’s concentrated by an extreme freeze distillation, which some maintain creates a drink that’s not technically beer.) Well, now we learn, via Eater, that the Scottish brewers have released a new, 55 percent alcohol version — that’s much stronger than most spirits — called the End of History, and yes, you can get yours stuffed into a dead squirrel or stoat.

The squirrel version will run you £700, the stoat £500, all for the illusion that your ludicrously strong brew is being vomited up by a rodent. As for that beer, it’s supposedly a blond, Belgian-style ale, but it’s unlikely that you’d be able to taste much aside from the alcohol.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that there will also be a version stuffed into a dead hare. But it also says that only 12 bottles have been made so far, so these are unlikely to start showing up at Bierkraft and scaring the children.