Relish Diner Owner Leaves Long, Vague Goodbye


Three days after word surfaced that Williamsburg’s Relish Diner had departed this world for the next, Gothamist has gotten a shot of the very long goodbye note that owner Sandy Stillman posted in the restaurant’s window.

It’s a somewhat vague, rambling missive that’s more a nostalgic paean to late-’90s Williamsburg than an explanation of why Stillman closed the place. Stillman writes at length about Relish’s rent-free years when “Williamsburg was temporarily, unlike Manhattan, an area where as a business designer you could afford to take a portion of your commercial space and dedicate it to beauty or fun rather than purely mercenary endeavors.”

He’s somewhat less forthcoming about the circumstances surrounding Relish’s shutter: “It is, however sad it may be, especially for me personally, time for the beast to take another nap, so it can wake up rested and stronger and cuter than ever. Life is change, right? And you gotta sleep sometime, don’t ya?”

Well, yes. Although when Relish wakes up rested and stronger and cuter, it will probably find itself in Alabama. Or Wyoming.