The Twittersphere Is Moodiest on Thursdays, Especially on the East Coast


How many ways can you say, “I wish it was Friday so I could wash down the week with several glasses of wine,” in 140 characters or less? Apparently, some variation of that is what people all over the country Tweet on Thursdays, the worst Twitter mood day of the week, according to researchers from Northeastern and Harvard. FML, today is Thursday!

To make matters worse, the researchers’ geographic application of Twitter language analysis shows that the West Coast is happier than the East Coast — New Yorkers (especially those using public transportation) moody on a hot muggy Thursday? Naww.

The upshot is that everyone’s happiest on Sunday mornings, when they can sleep in, recap the weekend, guzzle a glass of OJ, and chill in front of the TV, uh huh, these researchers know their stuff. This is what America’s Twitter psyche looks like over the course of the week:

We’re happiest on weekends, surprised?

Researchers also configured a map for a visual odyssey of our country’s Twitter mood with states growing and shrinking according to mood density — just watch it, you’ll understand. It’s a nice thing to stare at on a moody Thursday, because you can zone out to colors and shapes as the map morphs and evolves; it’s an instantly mood-lifting hypnosis.

Now, shut up and bring me a glass of lemonade, Twasshole.

[via the Daily News]