West Village Dog May Be Oldest in the World


City Room has a great story today about a wee canine in the West Village who is possibly the oldest dog in the world. Chichi (or Uncle Chichi, or simply Cheech) is a small gray poodle with a mysterious past, who may be as old as 24 (168 in dog years!).

He’s recently become sick, and his owners are racing to prove his age for the record books before it’s too late.

According to Chichi’s owner, Frank Pavich, “His early life is shrouded in mystery.” No wonder! He has been through multiple owners, and his current parents adopted him when he was 10 or 12 years old. His earliest known provenance is a shelter in South Carolina, from which he was adopted in the late ’80s.

The scrappy little pup has lived on both coasts and has traveled all the way to Croatia. He is, in short, rad. Here are some quotes that made us tear up:

  • “‘We’ve spent more than a college education on him,’ he [Chichi’s owner] said. ‘When you love someone, you don’t care.'”
  • “‘I admire him, I almost look up to him,’ Mr. Pavich said as tears welled up. ‘He’s been through so much, he always has the best attitude. He makes my life. He is Uncle Chichi. He’s everything.'”

Good luck, little Chichi. Whether or not the Guinness people get enough proof of your age to put you in their book, you are a fucking awesome little dog.