Wickedspoon, Joyride Truck Lead New Frozen Yogurt Onslaught


Now that ice cream has been re-purposed, re-imagined, and re-packaged within an inch of its life, a couple of savvy entrepreneurs have turned their attention to its prim and more shamelessly franchised cousin, frozen yogurt.

Grub Street brings word of Wickedspoon, a frozen yogurt shop with an “edge” that will open in Park Slope this weekend. How does a Park Slope frozen yogurt shop qualify as edgy? By serving, as its owner claims, chocolate-covered crickets as a topping. Also, there’s a concoction on the menu called “Yellow Snow,” though that doesn’t sound edgy so much as gross.

Elsewhere, the Joyride Truck began roaming the streets yesterday, serving a “proprietary blend of organic traditional and all-natural Greek yogurts” and Stumptown coffee. Though there aren’t any chocolate-covered crickets, Joyride does purport to sell the world’s first caffeinated frozen yogurt. And according to its website, it’s “looking into” becoming a carbon-neutral company, which will hopefully help to offset some of the hot air being emitted from claims of frozen yogurt’s previously undiscovered edginess.