Brooklyn Bridge Park Will Totally Let You Booze Outside


The Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar officially opened its doors today, featuring an outdoor plaza where winos who like a cool breeze with their chardonnay can get just that, the New York Post reports. After years of delays in the park’s construction, New Yorkers are finally able to get sloshed in public with a view of the Manhattan skyline — no sketchy brown bags necessary!

What was once the Brooklyn Bridge Cafe is now the new, alcohol-vending Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar. The Cafe has been open for about month, but their liquor license was just made legit.

By my standards, this definitely puts Brooklyn Bridge Park as a contestant for best park in the city. It is unclear whether or not you can bring your own alcoholic beverages, but the opportunity to openly drink outside at a park is a rare one.

At other parks, New Yorkers have to find creative ways to conceal any contraband. Aside from the typical brown paper bags and thermoses, I’ve seen someone use a syringe to pump shots into Capri Suns. You just slap a piece of tape over the hole and it’s good to go!

I should have followed their lead. I got busted for public drinking in Central Park on Easter Sunday this year — and by “busted,” I mean they galloped up to our Sheep’s Meadow picnic and told me and my friends to “please dispose” of our beverages or “leave.” Though the rangers weren’t too much of a hassle, losing your booze or your picnic spot is always a downer.

But not so at Brooklyn Bridge Park! Of course, you can’t just booze anywhere — only in the designated plaza of the Wine Bar. But that’s better than nothing. Here’s a primer for all you can be enjoying at the promenade’s new digs: