Celebrating the Fact That There Is a New Katy Perry Single, the Beach House-Shaming “Teenage Dream”


If you want to know how we got to this ecstatic, scientifically-engineered paradise of weaponized choruses and overwhelming female bombast, start with this piece right here, in which Sean Fennessey explains the genius of Dr. Luke and by extension, his most singular protégé, Katy Perry. The two team up again here for “Teenage Dream,” the second ridiculously effective single (after the still quite lively “California Gurls”) from the forthcoming album of the same name. Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House, who were foolish enough to also name their third album Teenage Dream Teen Dream, have got to be wondering where they went wrong today, and how they got so surpassed by one extra syllable. Prepare for delight, followed by utter, unyielding, endless ubiquity.