Matthew Tilden Fills Us In on SCRATCHbread’s Kickstarter Ambitions


When we last checked in with SCRATCHbread’s Matthew Tilden, he was excited to report that he’d found a home on Columbia Street for his wholesale bread and pastry production and, eventually, a retail bakery. That was back in April, and yesterday he dropped us a line to report that a few things have changed in the interim.

According to Tilden, Columbia Street was not to be; instead, he’s happily ensconced at a new location in Bed-Stuy. He’s mum on the details right now, but is more forthcoming about how excited he is about “the first rebirth of my sourdough in almost seven months.”

Although SCRATCHbread’s wholesale side is coming along, complete with hand-built wooden butcher block tables and a brick oven, Tilden reports that his retail business still needs a little help to get up and running. To that end he’s started a “right to deliciousness” campaign on Kickstarter, which he’s hoping will raise $25,000 by September 2 for essentials like “tables, ventilation system for wood burning oven, bread cooling racks, pastry tools, refrigeration, and especially a great set of wheels to get our stuff to those who want it.” So far, he’s netted just over $1,000.

The SCRATCHbread website has also been redesigned, and includes all of the locations where Tilden’s bread and pastries are sold — including tomorrow’s Brooklyn Flea.