The Village Voice Remembers Daniel Schorr


Legendary, veteran political journalist Daniel Schorr — who won Emmys, Peabodys, and inclusion in Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List,” which he considered to be among his greatest achievements — passed away this morning in a Washington, D.C., hospital. He was 93. NPR has a comprehensive, compelling obituary for Schorr on their website right now. They also make mention of Schorr’s chapter of history with this publication, which bears repeating.

Via NPR:

In 1976, Schorr reported on the findings of the Pike Committee, which had investigated illegal CIA and FBI activities. The committee had voted to keep its final report secret, but Schorr leaked a copy to The Village Voice, which published it.

Schorr was threatened with a $100,000 fine and jail time for contempt of Congress. But during congressional testimony, Schorr refused to identify his source, citing First Amendment protections. The House ethics committee voted 6 to 5 against a contempt citation.

What you’re looking at on your left — click to enlarge it — is a scan we just took of the original issue featuring Schorr’s leak, pulled from our library. Schorr — who, to his death, kept the secret of his source for the Pike Report — was a fearless, brilliant reporter, and we’re proud to have played a part, however small, in his monumental legacy: that of someone who brought truth to light, wherever he could find it, without any hesitation.

Daniel Schorr was everything that is unequivocally righteous about the fourth estate; NPR’s obituary on the man is, again, a must-read for anyone interested in what journalism should aspire to be.