Today in Cool Things: Floating Swimming Pools!


A group of architects and designers has come up with the (totally rad) idea of building a floating swimming pool (+ Pool) somewhere around Manhattan. And it wouldn’t just be one swimming pool, but four!

We had a brief, crazy moment of thinking, “What’s the point of having a pool if there’s already water underneath?” and then realized this is the East River we’re talking about. Leading us to another cool thing about + Pool:

“+ Pool filters bacteria, pollutants and odors through concentric layers of water-cleansing materials integrated directly into the pool walls, leaving only safe and swimmable water that meets the CDC and EPA’s standards of quality,” according to the website. So, basically, it takes water from the East River and makes it totes fine to swim in, an impressive feat.

The pool would consist of four sections, which would be re-arrangeable into different formations:

Of course, this is still just an idea. But how nice would something like this have been during this summer’s icky heat wave?