Watch Ted Leo Perform “Little Dawn” and “Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone” Live at Siren Festival


If we’re being honest, we’ve been refreshing YouTube all week in the hopes that someone might have uploaded footage of Marissa Paternoster’s obliteratingly awesome guest turn on Ted Leo’s “Woke Up Near Chelsea” at Siren this past Saturday, but it seems it’s time to give up hope. (How is it possible that none of the thousands of people who were at Coney Island over the weekend had their cameras/cell-phones on for this? God knows if we wanted to see every second of every set that every band played last night at the Mercury Lounge we probably could right now.) Nevertheless, your consolation prize: video of the other two highlights of Leo’s blistering set, “Little Dawn” and “Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone.” The latter’s above, the former, below:

In other news, we’re putting a bounty on that Screaming Females footage. Upload a video of the Leo/Paternoster collaboration, email us, and we’ll buy a copy of the latest Pharmacists CD and mail it to you. It’s for a good cause.