Andrew Breitbart “I Heart Terrorists” Scandal Erupts! (Video)


Andrew Breitbart, the screamy shoutcreature behind Big Journalism — the guys who employed skeevy Young Republican criminal James O’Keefe and most recently tried to unsuccessfully smear Shirley Sherrod out of a job — has now been caught on video confessing his love of terrorists and his ugly hatred of “Flyover Country.”

Via Animal New York, the self-proclaimed truth-teller and patriot-at-all-costs pundit was recently speaking to conservative media watchdog group Accuracy In Media when — unbeknown to Breitbart — video of his scandalous remarks was being taken. The result? He freely admits to loving and having cocktails with terrorists/Al-Qaeda, and hating the “stupid,” “not nice,” and “despicable” people of “Flyover Country.” Just see for yourself! SCANDAL!

[Actually, Breitbart didn’t “say” any of that. The video comes from liberal political movement, and is from February, when Breitbart was speaking at conservative political conference C-PAC. Breitbart’s remarks were taken out of context by to illustrate the way in which Breitbart and his operatives conspired to re-purpose video of Shirley Sherrod telling a story about racism to force her undue resignation in an extraordinary act of hypocritical media sleaze, for which he has yet to apologize for. Even Breitbart’s followers think the man should fess up, which, given their typically dubious and narrow view of his work, certainly says something.]