‘Bier Restaurant’ Is Actually Called Vandaag, and Will Serve Dutch Food


That so-called Bier Restaurant on Second Avenue that we photographed last week? While it will indeed serve suds, it’s actually going to specialize in genever, or Dutch-style gin.

Diner’s Journal reports that the restaurant, called Vandaag, will, as the genever suggests, focus on Dutch food and drink. It’s the project of Katie Stipe, a former Clover Club bartender and cocktail consultant, and Phillip Kirschen-Clark, a chef who’s done time in the kitchens of Jimmy’s No. 43, Pegu Club, and Corton.

Kirschen-Clark will be cooking such Dutch staples as bitterballen (deep-fried meat balls) and hete bliksem, a potato, apple, and bacon stew. They’ll be washed down with a lot of Dutch beer, as well as some Austrian and German wines and the aforementioned spirits.