Cone of Silence Placed Upon Entire Town Regarding Chelsea Clinton Wedding


The New York Times has a cute little piece on how the folks of Rhinebeck, New York — widely believed to be the location of Chelsea Clinton’s July 31 wedding — have been rudely shushed by confidentiality agreements about anything having to do with the Clinton-Mezvinsky nupts.

It’s sad because they all really, really want to talk about it, this being the most exciting thing in years to have come into their sequestered and bucolic small-town lives, but the killjoy Clintons are insisting on keeping this thing from becoming a “circus,” and so have implemented a kind of media lockdown on the town.

Except that hasn’t stopped reporters (including those at the New York Times) from running around and seeing what they could get out of the supposedly silenced locals. What they got is that the locals are a tortured lot of shopkeepers biting their tongues and “stricken-sounding” vineyard employees who just cannot comment on anything for fear of retaliation from their evil overlords. These people have been positively emasculated! (Except, if you “can’t comment,” doesn’t that pretty much imply that the wedding is indeed in Rhinebeck, and all that the press knows is true? After all, a “no,” is pretty simple, when it’s the truth. But then, we’re just lowly bloggers over here.)

Fortunately, wherever and however the wedding shenanigans go down, this whole thing will be over in a week (fingers crossed) and locals and politicos alike can go back to their normal lives, except for those who will still be stinging from their lack of an invite. Good enough to borrow a plane from but not to attend Chelsea’s wedding, indeed!

Meanwhile, in other disclosures that may or may not have been wise to make to the public,

For the mother of the bride, or M.O.T.B., as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has jokingly referred to herself in State Department memos, the appeal of Rhinebeck is plain. The town is 54 miles north (as the crow flies) of her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., allowing for quick dashes to check on details.

Wait a second — why is Hillary Clinton referring to herself as “mother of the bride” in State Department memos? Um, WikiLeaks?