Ever Get a Wrong Diagnosis?


Remember last year when I was convinced I had throat cancer because of a weird burning feeling that kept surfacing there?

I went to a specialist, who shoved all kinds of tubes down my nose and determined that I actually had acid reflux.

That didn’t sound right, but I took the prescribed pills, which sure enough made no difference whatsoever, the weirdness ultimately healing itself.

I later mentioned all this to my regular doctor, and he said it was probably just a scratch in my throat!

As he said that, I had a recovered memory of a chicken bone hurting right before the pain started!

KFC almost killed me!

Isn’t it funny how a primary care doctor can know more than a specialist about the latter’s supposed area of expertise?

In any case, that whole situation made me think about wrong diagnoses and the creepy harm they cause.

Did a doctor ever tell you the wrong thing, horribly enough?