Frank Bruni Calls Keith McNally a ‘Horrible Man’


“I do not go to Keith McNally restaurants anymore,” quoth Frank Bruni. “I would have loved to have given Minetta Tavern a horrible review, because McNally is a horrible man.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bruni — who actually gave Minetta Tavern three stars — said this at a recent bookshop appearance promoting his memoir. It was in response to a question about his duty to remain objective even after Keith McNally called Bruni sexist when the critic gave the female-cheffed Morandi one star in 2007.

More recently, McNally called Adam Platt old and overweight after a bad review of Pulino’s. Which, in turn, led the Post‘s Steve Cuozzo to call McNally a “big, fat crybaby.”

[Via Eater]