Jamba Juice Tries to Stick It to McDonald’s, Succeeds Mainly in Grossing People Out


Apparently Jamba Juice isn’t happy with McDonald’s decision to get into the smoothie business, and it’s fighting back the only way it knows how: with a sad, rather hastily assembled commercial advertising its own fictitious and thoroughly revolting “Cheeseburger Chill” smoothie.

The problem — aside from the flaccid “rap” that accompanies the ad — is that, instead of making the viewer rue the horrible injustice of one fast-food corporation cribbing from another’s playbook, it makes the Jamba Juice logo synonymous with what appears to be the contents of a colostomy bag. Whether that’s more disgusting than the concept of so-called health drinks that contain 100 grams of sugar is open to debate, but still, ew.