The Village Voice Finally Makes Journolist!


Over the weekend, we here at The Village Voice were presented with quite the dubious distinction!

Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein shut down his notorious email listserv Journolist a few weeks ago in the wake of a fellow Washington Post blogger’s resignation following leaks of Journolist’s private, off-the-record emails to the “press” (i.e., the salivating hacks of The Daily Caller and Fishbowl DC, waiting to pounce on a headline-making smear job).

Yet, somehow, we managed to make Journolist even after it was shut down. Just ask someone named “Anne Plumb” or “Jim in Florida,” both of whom keep on going into Politico comment threads to leave a “full” “list” of names. Or Doug Ross @ Journal. Or James4America, who notes that he was “able to confirm their participation through the following sources,” going on to list a number of articles written about Journolist, ours included., whatever that is, ran with it, too.

This is great news! I’m very proud to have made such a distinguished list of writers, especially in the wake of Runnin’ Scared’s 2010 Alt Weekly Award. It’s like we’re on a roll or something, guys! Again, especially considering Ezra Klein shut down Journolist a few weeks ago, and we were never on it before he shut it down, this is pretty impressive, don’t you think?

But seriously, for the record: Runnin’ Scared as a blog and Foster Kamer as a blogger were never participants in Journolist. Even though I would’ve loved to have been.

For one thing, it’s pretty impressive company! I want to be on an email list with Paul “P-Kruggy” Krugman and Nate “Numbers” Silver. Not that I think having barroom talk over email that conspiratorial fringe political bloggers could coordinate a successful smear campaign with is a smart idea to begin with, especially when your membership is over 300 people — I probably would’ve been one of the creepy lurkers who don’t contribute to the conversation — but I do believe that off-the-record means off-the-record, and that an assault on a journalist’s right to express him or herself in private is an assault on both the freedom of the fourth estate and free speech in general. This is the great irony of so-called “conservative” bloggers trying to accuse Journolist members of some kind of conspiracy against America: infringing on one’s ability to speak in private is the kind of bad, Orwellian juju that, when distilled, is an assault on an important American freedom, the kind of thing these guys think they’re standing up for.

Where’d this rumor of us making Journolist start? It’d appear it was the kind of prematurely inbred mutant of information birthed from the legendary neanderthals of Free Republic, the stripe of extremist right-wing sociopaths known as “Freepers” who would write death threats about the president’s daughter. Hey, guys, listen: I like conservative bloggers! Andrew Sullivan counts, right? Dave Weigel used to count, no? We can be friends!

Just get your facts straight: I was never on Journolist, and when you do things like this, it reinforces the idea that the majority of fringe conservative bloggers are conspiratorial half-breeds trying to perpetrate inane conspiracy theories without a clue as to what actually occurs in reality! If you want to accuse us of being pinko-Commie Jews who like to smoke grass and have sex and listen to the rap music (all at the same time!), well, that’s one thing (read: correct). But if you’re going to ruin (read: make) our day by making us think for a moment that we made an impressive list of reporters even after the list was shut down, well, that’s just not nice.

But no, really, you guys are a bunch of fucking hicks. And I’m laughing at you. Seriously, you could not have started off my week any better: by delivering you bitches a schooling. More where that came from! Happy Monday!

Update:: Looks like I’m not the only one. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has also denied membership to Journolist, which Free Republic has also accused him of.