Tony Hayward to be Shipped Off to Russia


According to the Wall Street Journal, BP scapegoat Tony Hayward is getting the old shipped-off-to-Siberia treatment. Or, well, Russia, anyway. But it’s not so much the gulags as a dubious promotion of sorts: Hayward will reportedly step down in October and become a non-executive director of TNK-BP Ltd, a joint venture between BP and a group of Soviet oligarchs.

Sounds fabulous, except that Hayward was apparently already involved in “a bitter dispute” with the wealthy Russian partners back in 2008. (Everyone knows oligarchs can be demanding!) According to Gregory White at Business Insider,

The last guy in charge of these moves, potential new BP CEO Robert Dudley, got on so bad with the four oligarchs that he reportedly had to go into hiding. Tony Hayward will now step in, full time, and try to move BP through these negotiations.

So all may not be midnight sunshine and vodka with this switcheroo, but then, does anyone really want Hayward to suddenly be blessed with an easy time of it? Of course, what everyone really wants to know — and what we’re not afraid to ask — is, WILL HE MEET ANNA CHAPMAN? Also, of slightly less interest but interest nonetheless: What will happen to his yacht, Bob?

Stay tuned.