Year-long Investigation Exposes Two Cops Who Can’t Keep Their Pants On


Married Deputy Inspector Valentim Neves did it all for the nookie, then lied under oath about his affair with his subordinate, married Officer Mareli Hnatko, according to the Daily News. But, as the saying goes, “Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned.” Neves’s wife tipped off the Internal Affairs Bureau, which launched a year-long investigation of the bad cop-bad cop relationship and revealed more than 100 trysts on- and off-duty.

The horny duo took their affair to hotels, his office, and a “department vehicle” (read: cop car?) — apparently, nowhere was off-limits. Both lovers face dismissal from their positions for fraternization and false statements, according to the Daily News.

To uncover the cheaters, IAB’s special investigations unit used video cameras, cell phone, E-ZPass, and roll call records, as well as hotel information. A sergeant and detective following Neves on December 28 watched him give Hnatko a plastic bag, which she later admitted contained a Christmas present — a Tiffany necklace with a key pendant. What a, um, romantic exchange of gifts. This is truly corruption at the most despicably banal level. Sex couldn’t be good enough to warrant all this.