Forget the Coney Island sideshow acts like really tall people and the World’s Hairiest Woman. This weekend, it’s all about the freak who looks most like a Spartan, with exceptional style (please, no fedoras) and an unwavering passion for Coney Island landmark the Cyclone. Yes, the search for the first-ever Mr. Cyclone is on. What started with a pool of more than 200 contestants will ultimately be narrowed down to seven finalists, who are all, er, nuts for the historic 1920s roller coaster. (One semifinalist, Eric Knapp, claims to have ridden the coaster more than a thousand times and bares a tattoo of the Cyclone on his beefy bicep. Why? Who knows?) Each contestant will be judged on strength, beauty, and endurance—whatever that means—as well as knowledge of Coney Island history. Murray Hill and Miss Cyclone Angie Pontani host the shenanigans.

Sat., Aug. 7, noon, 2010