Damon Dash’s Tribeca Loft Will Be Auctioned Off Tomorrow


Rap mogul turned downtown striver Damon Dash may be resurrected in the pages of this week’s Voice, in which Ben Detrick chronicles the executive’s self-reinvention as a cuddly Warhol figure, but the past isn’t quite through with him. In 2008, the bank moved to foreclose upon Dash’s 25 N. Moore Street duplex; though he’s tried frantically to sell the place in the interim, it looks as though the loft is finally going to auction tomorrow. This is not the Duane Street space Dash is currently running his DD172 operation out of: there, we know from experience (because he once begged us by proxy to stop getting him in trouble with his landlord), he pays rent. Let’s recap, as per our story this week:

In 2006, Dash boasted to New York magazine that he was worth approximately $50 million. He and his wife owned a loft in Tribeca and a house in Beverly Hills. There was a personal chef and a $400,000 Maybach 62 with a driver. His closet housed 300 pairs of sneakers, with another 1,000 in storage. But Dash was a benevolent overlord: He wore a fresh T-shirt and pair of socks daily, then donated the once-worn items to charity. Whatever acrimony existed from the destruction of Roc-a-Fella was buried beneath heaps of money and a slew of entrepreneurial projects, including the Damon Dash Music Group, the Rachel Roy Designer Collection, Pro-Keds sneakers, Armandale vodka, America magazine, BlockSavvy Technology, an Apprentice-esque BET reality show called Ultimate Hustler, and excursions into the cinematic world.

But by 2008, being deserted by Jay-Z started to show: Dame owed New York $2 million in taxes and suffered the indignity of having his Chevy Tahoe repossessed. Now, the bank owns what’s left of his Tribeca property portfolio–and they’re about to take a huge loss on it, according to Manhattan Loft Guy. Perhaps you’d like benefit from Dame’s misfortune? Head to the New York County Courthouse tomorrow at 1pm, where you’re sure to get a discount on whatever Dame paid back in the days when he was in the habit of emptying champagne bottles over girls in bikinis:

Damon Dash’s Tribeca Loft Headed for Foreclosure Auction [Curbed]
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