Ice-T On Being Arrested By That “Punk Bitch” Cop: Next Time “Wait Until You Find a Body in My Trunk”


Yesterday, Twitter’s most dangerous man took to to Ustream in order to clear his good name and tell his side of the “bullshit arrest,” i.e. when he was stopped by a member of the NYPD last week after brushing the officer with the mirror of his car. The rapper-turned-actor was then arrested for failing to possess up-to-date insurance or a valid license, issued a desk ticket, and set free. Somewhere in there, he called cop in question a “punk bitch.” Anyway, now he’s told his side of the story, and the Post has selected highlights, including this lovely exchange:

“This fool finds this little blip on the radar. … By his rules, he wants to arrest me,” Ice-T said of the insurance lapse the officer found when he ran the actor’s driver’s license.

“Get out of the car!” Ice-T said the officer yelled at him.

“I’m like, ‘What’s your problem?’ … I’m looking at this fool,” he added.

Once he was cuffed, Ice-T said he lashed out at the cop.

“I’m like you little bitch motherf—–,” he said when recounting the incident.

Ice-T ended his account by saying, “As far as the cop, he didn’t do anything wrong, but he shouldn’t have been such an a–hole. … Wait until you find a body in my trunk [to arrest me].”

Imagine what dude might be saying if the cop had done something wrong.

Ice-T still incensed over arrest [NYP]