Jennifer Coolidge Strikes Comic Gold


Jennifer Coolidge (of Christopher Guest mockumentary fame) was a scream doing her stand-up act at Comix the other night.

Here are some of her riotous observations:

Remembering her coke days, she said, “Cocaine kicks the shit out of Jenny Craig. I’m gonna tell Kirstie Alley about it!”

Re Brokeback Mountain: “No gay director would have had the ass-loving scene right after the bean-eating scene.”

About Sophia Loren‘s claim that she looks so young because she applies rosewater to her face: “I’m gonna get some of that rosewater! It comes with stitches!”

And Coolidge also shticks about auditioning for the musical version of Legally Blonde in London, where the British director crisply said, “Jennifer, you realize that you cunt sing.”

“I said, ‘Cunt sing? I have a hard enough time singing out of my throat! But all right…’ “

She claims she gave it the old college try, but not a sound came out, making her realize how hard it is to do a musical!