Madison Square Garden Food Vendors Apparently Filthy; Supermarkets Offer Nutritional Advice


A look at the state of fishing — and overfishing — shows that no new fishing grounds are likely to be discovered. In other words, we might have “finally reached the end of the line” when it comes to exploiting fish species. [New Yorker]

A new study reveals that food vendors at Madison Square Garden and other sports venues in the city have unsanitary conditions, with mouse droppings everywhere. [NBC]

Grocery retailers around the country have started offering nutritional advice, even hiring dietitians to advise shoppers in-store on how to shop healthier. [Wall Street Journal]

Lufthansa is using a low-pressure chamber in Germany to test people’s perceptions of taste at high altitude in order to better understand in-flight haute cuisine. [Wall Street Journal]

A village in Japan is trying to attract tourists with what it calls paddy art, pictures in the rice paddies made using the different hues of rice. [NY Times]

PepsiCo spent $1.2 million in the second quarter to lobby the federal government on issues of childhood obesity and climate change, a significant drop from last year’s figure. [ABC News]

The corn-poblano pepper blend used by Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants is being recalled due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

P.F. Chang’s is testing new happy-hour menu items, an extension of a line of small plates added to the menu last year. [Nation’s Restaurant News]