Mister Softee President Jim Conway Explains What It Takes to Own One of His Trucks


How to become a member of the Mister Softee empire isn’t that much of a mystery — all you have to do is go to the website and click on “Franchise Opportunities.” Still, Fox Business’s interview last week with Mister Softee president Jim Conway was somewhat illuminating.

Conway, who looked uncomfortable enough to suggest he might be sitting on an ice cream cone, explained that while his company has a “low point of entry, financially,” it costs $115,000 to buy a Softee truck outright. Franchisees are required to make a $25,000 down payment and pay a one-time $5,000 franchise fee up front; Conway says that his company hopes that franchisees recoup those costs in the first year. He adds that newer franchisees are a diverse lot, ranging from “family people” to immigrants from Eastern Europe, South America, and West Africa.

Conway also warns that operating an ice cream truck is “more of a young person’s game” thanks to the long hours. But that would seem to shortchange the elderly, who have the unique advantage of being able to turn off their hearing aids, thus reducing the risk of being driven slowly insane by the Mister Softee jingle.

[Via Midtown Lunch]