NOM Rally Attendee Says Gay Couples Should Be Murdered


One member of the National Organization for Marriage doesn’t feel it’s enough to stop gays from marrying.

He wants gay couples dead!

At the NOM rally in Indianapolis yesterday, Larry Adams‘s grotesquely hideous sign said the “Solution to Marriage” is that gay people should “be put to death.”

The sign quoted Leviticus 20:13 (“Their blood shall be upon them”) and to drive the point home, it also included a depiction of two nooses.

The lovely Larry happens to be from Cross Bearer Ministry in Indianapolis, where they no doubt enact activities condoned in the Bible like selling your daughter as a sex slave and bashing babies against rocks.

Responds Evan Wolfson, Executive Director of Freedom to Marry:

“NOM’s ‘Summer for Marriage’ anti-gay bus tour has devolved from a media gimmick to a display of prejudice and incitement to violence.

“While funneling millions of dollars into political campaigns aimed at stripping away basic protections from gay people and their families, NOM’s typical ploy is to conjure up phony claims of harassment and infringement and complain when anyone speaks the truth about its record and agenda.

“But with today’s display, the mask slipped, revealing what lies beneath NOM’s diversions, protestations, and veneer.

“The real victims of NOM are committed, loving gay couples across the country who are denied the freedom to marry and the critical safety net that marriage brings.”