Omak ‘Honey Nut’ at Brighton Bazaar in Brighton Beach


Brighton Beach food stores abound with great gifts for your foodie friends, often available nowhere else.

A case in point is Omak’s “Honey Nut,” a big jar of honey prettily lined with nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, and coconut chunks. There are also more cryptic ingredients listed on the jar lid, such as “beemilk” (?), pollen, black cumin, radish seed, and apricot seed.

The product is made by Omak Gida San. Tic. Ltd. of Antakya, Turkey, and the price is much lower than you might expect for so much honey and nuts, $7.99 for 729 total grams, which is 1.6 pounds. What’s more, the product claims medicinal properties: “For every one who wants to be young with a strong mind and nerves for every old man who dreams to have his youth back.” What a great gift! Even if it just sits on a shelf and looks beautiful.

Find it at Brighton Bazaar, 1007 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-769-1700.