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The extreme heavy-metal subgenre black metal is largely preoccupied with destruction and closely associated with anti-religious lyrics, church burnings, and bad makeup. Altar of Plagues, the face-paint-free band headlining the collection of arty black-metal bands tonight, however, writes songs about preservation in a roundabout way. James O’Ceallaigh, the vocalist-guitarist for the Cork, Ireland–based group, has a degree in ecology and environmental science, and his lyrics often ponder the effects of ignoring Mother Earth—not that listeners can readily make out his words through his raw-throat rasp. The band’s direct support, like-minded Colorado black metallers Velnias, play the genre with folk influences and nature lyrics and even have a song dedicated to, uh, an oak tree. Al Gore could get behind this, too. With Castevet and Man’s Gin.

Sun., Aug. 1, 7 p.m., 2010

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