Take a Tim Burton film. Now make it darker (if possible) and sexier (yes, please). If you like the sound of that, you’ll love The Lost Circus, a lavish party thrown by Gemini and Scorpio, who’ve done everything from bashes at Russian bath houses to hosting a Nouvelle Epoque Cabaret-Salon that attracted designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Now, in a stroke of maniacal genius, they’re bringing steampunk fantasy to life. If you’re unfamiliar with the sci-fi sub-genre (God forbid), imagine a Philip K. Dick novel set in the Victorian era. G & S promise body-bending aerialists, a gypsy fortune teller, and tribal fusion belly dancers. They’ve also hired a fire thrower for your viewing pleasure as well as the NYC fusion band Copal, who are described as being inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms, dark Nordic melodies, Hungarian riffs, and Spanish-flavored cadences and harmonies. If this circus/dance/cabaret/freak-show party doesn’t pique your interest, then nothing will.

Sat., July 31, 11:59 p.m., 2010