Wake Up to Coffee Cocktails; Canadians Come Up With Wine-Fed Beef


The Randolph at Broome has started serving hot and cold coffee cocktails from 8 a.m. on, such as the World’s Best Dad, incorporating Laird’s Applejack and sweet vermouth, and the Slow Trip to New Orleans, made with Bulleit bourbon, Plymouth sloe gin, and coffee.
[Diner’s Journal]

Tokaj, Hungary, is home to a winemaking tradition older than Bordeaux, Porto, and Chianti that specializes in aszu sweet wines.
[NY Times]

A beef purveyor in the winemaking region of Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, is selling “wine-fed” cattle, which has quickly become all the rage in the province.
[Vancouver Sun via Slashfood]

Restaurants and bars are boosting their wine-by-the-glass selections to keep up with an increasingly sophisticated drinker and as a means to stay afloat in a poor economy.
[ABC News]

Sakaya is the only shop in New York dedicated exclusively to sake, with roughly 150 different bottles in stock.
[NY Times]