Anna Fermanova, the Latest Hot Spy, Has Hot Facebook Photos, Too!


Brace yourself for the hotter, blonder, Russian Anna: Anna Fermanova. The new improved Anna attempted to smuggle high-tech night vision googles (worth $15,000 and considered weapons) from the United States to Russia, and she now faces a federal felony charge, according to The Smoking Gun. Not very bad ass, but neither were the real spies!

Not to disappoint anyone who’s developed a spy fetish this summer, but so far, there’s nothing to suggest that she’s actually a spy. But, TSG, the website that broke the story, does report “The arrest warrant for Fermanova was signed one day after Anna Chapman and nine other Russian spies pleaded guilty to federal charges and were deported.” There you have it, folks, zero degrees of separation.

Fermanov’s lawyer told TSG that the the accused felon emigrated to the U.S. from Latvia when she was young and is now a U.S. citizen. So, she’s an “American spy” — minus 10 points for her. TSG also reported that a sworn affidavit, prepared by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, says the defendant turned 24 on July 4, has no tattoos, and does have a belly piercing — because we know you’re all wondering. Oh, and she’s married, sorry Anna-maniacs!

We took a look at highlights from her Facebook page..which she made private as we were writing this post (maybe she is a spy after all). FYI: She’s a “fan” of Adam Sandler, and her favorite movies include Wedding Crashers, which means she really must be an American citizen! Also, she works in Moscow teaching English lessons and is a 2005 graduate of the Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails in Texas. And she listed “loving,””eating,” and “partying” among her interests — too bad she might go to jail for up to 10 years, we would have invited her out with us!

And of course we couldn’t conclude this post without sharing our “best picks” from her Facebook photos. Unofficial caption contest in the comments!

Are we living a Cold War-inspired James Bond movie this summer?