Breaking: Snoop Dogg, Humanitarian Environmentalist, Pimps Out a Sea Lion


When he’s not besting Chuck Norris by smoking weed, rapper/actor/father/husband/philanthropist/botanist Snoop Dogg is now besting everyone by pimping out not a “ride,” not a goblet, not even a small child, but a sea lion. Yes: A Sea Lion. While other rappers are busy doing Other Rapper Things, the guy who once noted that it’s “1-8-7 on a motherfuckin’ cop” is now chilling with sea lions. For most other people, this would call into question their “street” credibility. For Dogg (né Calvin Broadus ), it is simply another frontier he has conquered. If you need to know any more about this story, you’re missing the point. This photo is about to be framed and mounted above the Runnin’ Scared news desk, as proof that even the most humble seal can be pimped out by Snoop Dogg, and even the most legendary rappers can make friends and “thug out” with a humble seal. Day: Made.

Here is a list of alternate headlines in the form of bad Snoop Dogg-related wordplay:

  • G-Sea and Hustlaz
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot(ter)
  • Algae and Juice
  • Nothin’ But a Sea Thing
  • Fish, Please

[Ed. We’re sorry you clicked. He had to try.]