Crowd-Sourcing Dater Brian Is Meeting Lots of Interesting Ladies on His 30 Dates in 30 Days


Brian Moore, the 23-year-old behind the Facebook, Twitter, and website-driven Dating Brian project, outsourced his dating life to the Internet after a dating drought following a five-year relationship. Since our first article about him, he’s become something of a media sweetheart with the Daily News and WNYC’s All Things Considered covering his story. We checked in to see how his 30 dates in 30 days are moving along, and how he’s dealing with all this newfound fame.

Tonight will be Brian’s 10th date. He’s eaten cupcakes at Sweet Revenge with a woman who works in advertising, hung out at Highline Park with a lawyer, bowled at Brooklyn Bowl with a playwright/editor (who blogged about it), eaten lunch with a style editor, and gone to Noodle Pudding on the Brooklyn Promenade with a food blogger, Tyla, with whom he is the most smitten (they smooched on the date!).

He’ll look to the Internet for approval to take her out on a second date since that was the rule he established in the beginning. “I really felt a connection with Tyla…I got to know her so well,” he says.

From having hardly any dating experience to going on a date every single day, Brian has some new insights about what he likes. He says he has the best time with “the outgoing ones with a sense of humor,” and he feels like he’s connected with several of the girls. But he’s still his same quirky self — “I have yet to become much smoother,” he says of dropping two forks on one date.

Smooth or clumsy, daily Internet-driven dating is exhausting. “It’s been busy. It’s been a lot of work.” In addition to dates and date ideas, Brian’s also crowd-sourcing his next haircut. So far, the top vote is for the tapered fringe, which he’ll rock in a couple days. Is that a haircut he would normally consider? “Probably not, but it’s kind of nice to have the excuse of the Internet deciding,” he says.

Brian’s adorable grandma in Wisconsin recently recorded a video explaining why her grandson is a catch, and Brian Tweeted it to his 1,572 followers. “He’s handsome; he’s kind, he’s brilliant; he has a fabulous future,” she says with her dog on her lap. “What more can you ask?…and he’s tall. I forgot that I’ve dated so many short men.”

The video of his grandma and the one of his date with Tyla (below) will give you a hefty dose of the warm fuzzies. Are “Team Tyla” T-shirts available yet?

In the beginning of his Tyla recap video, Brian has very telling little grin!