JellyNYC Is Not Having a Very Good Week


It’s been a rough summer season for JellyNYC, the promoters responsible for the Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties and various and sundry other events around town. First the New York City Parks Department moved to take the Pool Parties away from them before Senator Chuck Schumer, of all people, intervened on their behalf. Then they had a fake lineup leak. And on Sunday, Cap’n Jazz turned into half a debacle as lightning began to fall and the Jelly organizers briefly found themselves facing arrest. Instead, they moved the show to Brooklyn Bowl, where the sobbing of all those emo kids who couldn’t make in to the much smaller capacity venue could be heard from miles away. And now, reports the Brooklyn Paper, someone has stolen their computer:

A burglar broke into the music promotion company’s new Devoe Street headquarters on July 21, stealing a work computer containing hundreds of valuable music and video files.

According to a police report, the thief likely climbed up the two-story building’s fire escape near Union Avenue after 3 am.

After entering Jelly’s second-floor office’s unlocked door, the thief grabbed three computers: a Macbook Pro, a laptop used by Jelly promoters, and an employee’s personal computer.

Sigh. “It’s not about the monetary loss,” Jelly’s Alexander Kane told the paper. “Blood, sweat and tears are not easily quantified. There’s also the feeling of being violated when someone came into this space.” Came in through an unlocked door, but whatever. We feel for these guys, even if half of Brooklyn currently seems to want to kill them. Their well-intentioned, hapless antics are as good as any demonstration of Williamsburg’s overall character: panicky in the rain, prone to robbed, but sincerely devoted to having a good time for as little money as possible. Can you honestly judge them, Brooklynites?

‘Jelly’ rolled as office is burglarized! [Brooklyn Paper]